10 Tips from the News Media to Draw Better Response

Blog - Faith's Reflections / Thursday, November 1st, 2018

As an author, what have I learned from my 33 years as a newspaper publisher? I developed this list of tips for the Tulsa Night Writers conference on Saturday, Nov. 3.

Presented by Faith Wylie, retired newspaper publisher and member of the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame, Tulsa Night Writers, OWFI, Mystery Writers of America and Author’s Guild.

Remember the BIG THREE. To get to the top of the front page, you need a snappy headline, a good lead paragraph and a great image.

1. Headline = your book title.

2. Great image = your book cover

TNW Web 1-3

3. Strong lead paragraph = your blurb and your book’s first paragraph

4. If it bleeds, it leads = readers respond to people in danger and crisis

5. Use subheads to help readers through a long story = focus on good chapter breaks

6. End your story with a good kicker = Leave people satisfied on the final page.

TNW Web 4-6

7. Watch for the “Hey, Maude” = Include something that your readers will want to share with friends.

8. Web Browsers. What can we learn from those rotating stories at the top?

9. Ask a question to improve response on social media. Include a photo or other art to catch attention.

10. Write tight. Get someone else to edit and a different person to proofread.

TNW Web 7-10

Tulsa Night Writers Conference Nov. 3, 2018

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