The darkest days of winter

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From Christmas Eve, 2003 Each day grows shorter, darker, and colder. Our world turns brown and gray: brown grass, brown leaves, gray sky, gray lake, gray rain. How do we bear the growing gloom of December days? Spurred by advertising, Christmas grabs our attention. Early sunsets mean more time to enjoy Christmas lights in our […]

December 17, 2020

Cycle safely through spring

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Dust off your bike and feel the wind in your face as you peddle through the neighborhood. Bikes have been around for over 200 years. Karl von Drais of Germany patented the velocipede in 1818. It had no peddles. The rider sat on the frame and moved by kicking the ground. Pedals were added to […]

April 29, 2019

Listen for Lightning

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Lions can really roar. That’s why the National Weather Service made Leon the Lion its mascot to promote lightning safety. Leon says, “When thunder roars, go indoors.” Since nowhere outside is safe in or near a thunderstorm, find a safe place. Here’s a fun game to check your knowledge: To learn more, visit:

April 8, 2019

Friends and daughters

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By Faith L. Wylie, Written March17, 2016. Note: The fifth-generation spring bulbs planted by my friends are thriving and so am I, cancer-free for four and a half years. Crocus were first to push through winter leaves with their small lavender flowers. A few weeks ago, hyacinths shot up stems of purple, pink and white. […]

March 22, 2019