ISWNE member newspapers get FREE Tolkien feature

Blog - Kid in You, For the Kid in You / Friday, December 18th, 2020
The Kid gives this book 5 stars


For the Kid in You is teaming up with ISWNE (International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors) to offer this family feature across the English-speaking world.

As an introduction, any newspaper can use this Christmas feature for FREE.

For the Kid in You was created 26 years ago for the Oologah Lake Leader newspaper in Oklahoma. It has been syndicated across the United States.

Subscriptions start at just $5 per week.

Call 918-443-2428 to subscribe or for more information

John and Faith Wylie

Download here:

KID 12-20-2020 Letters cmyk

KID 12-20-2020 Letters QP


2 Replies to “ISWNE member newspapers get FREE Tolkien feature”

  1. Hi, John.
    Good to know that you’re still in the world. Also, you’re still sharing ideas.
    Still remember, on your advice, taking my son to the boat dock for fishing near your town. Good memory.
    Hope your having a happy life and semi-retirement. If you want to drift south on a weekend eve, Deb and I always have wine to share.
    Also, my beliefs have taken a left-leaning turn.
    Dennis Smiley

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