Unlock your inner child with “For the Kid in You”

Blog - Faith's Reflections, Blog post / Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

Dear Friends,

Please use our family feature, For the Kid in You, for Constitution Day Sept. 17. Use it between Sept. 10 and Sept. 21.

We (John and Faith Wylie and Carolyn Estes) have retired from the Oologah Lake Leader but we continue the Kid. Our company name is now Wylie Communications, Inc.

We traditionally give this feature to OPA to share with the state’s newspapers and want to keep that tradition.

Please enjoy your Constitution Day Kid, designed so families can talk about one of the most fascinating documents ever produced, penned by statesmen who established an enduring government in a document that fit on one sheet of parchment. The Kid also shares some gems of US history and insights into the evolution of the great country we enjoy.

In addition to its use for Newspapers in Education, the Kid’s focus has expanded to become a good family feature for reading and sharing. “Unlock Your Inner Child” is our slogan and goal. Our tight deadlines allow us to present new insights into issues from robotics to space advances to how weather forecasting has improved. We can also provide links to additional information, games and quizzes.

We’d love to have some feedback as we work to keep the Kid fresh and easy to use in our changing newspaper environment. You can email your feedback to [email protected] or comment on our blog post here

What format is best for you? _______________________________________

We now provide the feature as a quarter page PDF, both B/W and CMYK. We can easily add online formats for the main feature or for added materials and all formats are sponsor-friendly.

What types of topics would you prefer?_____________________________________

Is the reading level right for your use? _____________________________

Would links to information sources be useful to your audience? ___________

Any other suggestions? ______________________________________________

Want an affordable weekly subscription for your newspaper? ________________

Thank you for the great support we’ve had from our friends in the Oklahoma publishers’ community.

John & Faith Wylie and Carolyn Estes

918-443-2227 or www.FortheKidinYou.net

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